Im Memoriam Prof. Engineer Pompiliu Manea Ph.D. – Willem J. Mulder

Im Memoriam Prof. Engineer Pompiliu Manea Ph.D.

On Monday, June 15, 2015 the illustrious and colourful life of Prof. Engineer Pompiliu Manea Ph.D., member of the RomanianAcademy of Science, came to a sudden end, just when he was resting in his chair in his apartment in Cluj-Napoca.

Pompiliu Manea was born on October 7, 1935 in Purani Commune, Teleorman County, Romania, as a son of an engineer who worked with and on agricultural machines. The takeover of the communist party in 1948 had great influence on his life, but nevertheless Pompiliu Manea became a successful scientist and businessman.

I became acquainted with Pompiliu Manea during the bi-annual Conference of the EAMHMS (European Association for Museums of the History of Medical Sciences) in Leeds 1998. His luggage was lost and for that reason we came to speak with each other. From that time on he made a deep impression on me, not only because of his broad knowledge and interest in medical history, but also for his attitude towards life as such. He enthusiastically told me about his private collection of instruments mainly regarding the history of X-ray machines and medical equipment. So it was only logic for me to invite Pompiliu to our workshop, to be held in Kaunas in 2005. To be fully honest we were surprised to see him there at that occasion and he appeared to be a very enthusiast participant, he expressed an enormous knowledge and erudition and he was absolutely inspired and honoured because of this invitation. So, it was no wonder that he participated in all following workshops that we organized. On top of that it was another highlight for him to organize the workshop in Cluj-Napoca in 2009. All participants were impressed by his kind hospitality as well as of his vivid organizing talents. He was proud to receive a great number of authorities and colleagues from the university, the municipality of Cluj-Napoca and the Academy of Science of Romania, at the formal opening ceremony.

It was only one year before that event when, being his guest in Cluj, I discovered his important place in Romanian Society, Pompiliu being the builder of a prestigious company TEMCO, both in Cluj and in Bucharest, that deals extensively with medical equipment. As a professor in physics and X-ray techniques as well as a man of the world, he knew his way about.

I am sure none of the colleagues will ever forget his enthusiasm and intensive way to struggle his own way. In 2011, he was then 75 already, I again got deeply impressed by his unbeatable optimism and stubborn attitude when we discussed his plans for a new scientific museum, possibly to be opened in Turda, not too far from Cluj-Napoca.

Pompiliu was insistent in his ideas and tasks that he forced himself to. In this respect I have to mention the several occasions of the Cultural Meetings that he used to organize at the occasion of his birthday, which I had the honour to visit a couple of times. Legendary were his reports of another long and interesting journey that he made.

The last years he made a number of cruses around the world from North to South and from East to West, of which he produced reports in several books and magazines. This spring he undertook another tour visiting 28 countries, including Holland, and so many embassies of Europe in order to propagate for Cluj-Napoca as the future Cultural Capital of Europe. Maybe this trip was too much for his getting older body.

Besides his big interest of and enthusiasm for the history of medical sciences we all will miss Pompiliu Manea as a good and warm person with care for his family, his business, his hometown, his country, but certainly for his many friends. We will miss Pompiliu very dearly, may he rest in peace.

Willem J. Mulder, coordinator of the workshops of the EAMHMS.

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